Message from Adama

Dear Lemurian hearts,

To celebrate Springtime and take advantage of the Spring energies, here is Adama’s monthly message for April 2018.

Message transmitted by Denise Laberge
Telos Worldwide Foundation


Your Inner Universe is a Fertile Ground

I AM Adama, the Faithful One,

Faithful to all whom my heart has loved for a very long time

Dear Beloved of the Light, it is an important time for each of you to truly examine the way you treat yourself, the way you consider and see yourself.

Are the thoughts that you hold when you think of yourself always infused with love? What language do you use when you speak to yourself or when you observe yourself? What is the nature of these words?

Why is this important?

If you took some time each day to really examine yourself, to listen and feel these words that are inside of you, you would quickly discover the nature of the inner beliefs that you still hold about yourself and about life.

Why is this important?

To help you more deeply understand this question, I could also ask you these next questions: Are you happy? Do you find life beautiful? Your life beautiful?

You see it’s entirely due to your way of thinking, of judging, of deciding, of comparing and of believing that has right up until this very moment defined your life exactly as it is right now. And so we ask, is it important to be aware of each thought that can either nurture or deplete your life as they emanate from you?  You cannot see as we do how these thoughts and beliefs color every aspect of your life. It is these very thoughts and beliefs that make you feel life the way you do when you first open your eyes in the morning.

Spring is a wonderful season, a season of renaissance. Why not take advantage of these energies? You inner Universe is a fertile ground. Your thoughts, your beliefs, your wounds, all of these are part of your inner Universe/ground and all these energies are malleable, you can manipulate and transform them to change your life!

This spring, you can use the Flame of Resurrection to re-activate and resuscitate your perfect life (blue print of perfection). Know that the image or ideal of your perfection is alive within you. Visualize the Flame of Resurrection, visualize its golden orange color envelop you and feel the perfection that you are for all eternity expand within you. Let it transform every aspect of your life, all your thoughts, your beliefs and your entire inner Universe.

With infinite love, I AM Adama, the eternal heart of living light

Message transmitted by D. Laberge – received March 26, 2018

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January 2018 Message from Adama

Message from Adama for January 2018, received Jan 5th, 2018

The Ardent Flame of your Heart


I Am Adama, the Wise One

I salute you dear Children. At the beginning of this New Year, I am addressing myself to the part of you that is thirsty for Light and Love. In the center of your heart, there is a burning chalice, the one that is fed by the Great Life. This chalice is in need of your attention and your love so that its heat and its potent fire can envelop and transform you.

Yes, the energies are present. Yes, Mother Earth is accelerating her vibrational frequency and yes, Love will reign in this world. There are many affirmatives that are supporting you and yet….what are you still missing my dear children, before you can feel that you have the power to walk on water and to manifest your dreams in this world?

What is missing is this ardent flame, this love of life, this admiration in front of the magic of life that is unfolding all around you. In 2018, you will need this burning chalice to welcome with grace the winds of change that will blow on you and all around you. In 2018 you will need this ardent flame to welcome with grace the winds of change that will blow over you and your world. You are invited to nurture this inextinguishable flame within your heart, the flame of your faith and of your determination. While reading these words, do you feel the living embers of Life in you or do you feel the cold of the ashes too long cooled from lack of fire?

You have accumulated a lot of experiences, made a lot of choices up until this day. Choose the effervescence of Life, of Faith, of Courage and of Determination. Maintain the ardent fires of your dreams, of your hopes, knowing that you are for all eternity, guided by the infinite love of the One Source. Nothing has been left to hazard in your life: your lessons, your challenges, your choices, all of this has been prepared and planned with great Love.

You are the magnificent project for which you have been born.

In 2018, I invite you to realize that all this is around you has only one function:  to help you to discover the beauty you hold within you and the power that resides within you. I now repeat to you: you ARE the goal of your incarnation, the ultimate goal, all the rest is but accessory.

Do not allow exterior events to extinguish the fires of your Life. Maintain this living link that unites you to the Great Life with awareness. Have faith and move forward with an unshakable faith.

With Infinite Love, I AM Adama, your brother.

Message transmitted by Denise Laberge
Telos Worldwide Foundation, Montreal

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August Message from Adama 2017

A Fresh Look

I Am Adama your brother,

Dear beloveds of the loving heart of Creation, I am addressing myself to you today by using these simple words. Words that you will each interpret in your own fashion, according to your own understanding and the personal definition that you normally attach to each word and concept.

The utilization of words partly explains the difficulties of communication that can sometimes arise amongst all children of the Earth. To these words, we now add the concept of body language and the vibrational frequency of the emotions that come to charge these very words with an energy that can be interpreted differently following the culture, tradition and education of all the people that are implied. Different interpretations can easily arise from a simple statement that was made in a given context.

I invite you today to experiment communication from the heart. This communication dear beloveds, is possible only if you consider that he or she who is before you (even if at first sight this person seems different from you as they are seemingly outside of you) is a person like you who is seeking to understand (or not) life, their life; that is also looking for happiness, that is hungry, that needs a roof over their head, that wants to be loved, a being profoundly similar to you yourself with needs. A being who is learning life in their own manner, at their own speed, with the means that are unique to him/her; that is with means, situations and different relationships than yours (seemingly) but also a being caught up in the world of 3D, with its limitations, fears and lack of love.

When you commune with this vision, this understanding, you position yourself in an energy of compassion, of understanding of non-judgement and of acceptance of the other. It is this energy emanating from you that allows communication from the heart.

Please know that your manner of perceiving and of looking at things is a living and acting energy. The person in front of you, perceives, receives and reacts to this energy. The reality of this communication is that, two universes are meeting each other, two energetic and living universes. All of your subtle bodies as well as your physical body feels this contact and the subtle exchanges of this energetic connection.

And so, beloved of the Earth, this fresh look that you take determines the type of communication that you have with all that surrounds you, including your brothers and sisters from all kingdoms.

This heart inside of you, understands and accepts with an infinite love the life within self and all around itself in total acceptance of all that is. This heart in you welcomes life, and life is simple to the heart. For the heart, all communication is simple because it is without judgement and without expectations. This heart in you is a powerful partner in the transformation of the way you look at yourself and at all Creation.

It is Grace that I wish for you in this moment of eternity where all is possible. With an infinite and respectful love, we have communicated.

I Am Adama

Message received by

Denise Laberge, Telos Worldwide Foundation

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Message from Lord Lanto~ The Illumination Flame

The Illumination Flame 

Channel Denise Laberge
Telos Worldwide Foundation

I Am Lord Lanto,

The Illumination Flame is a flame that sheds light and allows us to see and understand everything at once.

In the dark, you cannot distinguish the contents of a room. However, if you light up a candle, everything is revealed and you can then move easily around, observe and explore its treasures, etc.

The Illumination Flame has the same effect. It allows you to cast new eyes on a situation, a person, a relationship, an object, a dimension, a planet, etc. It allows you to contemplate things under a new angle and this new perspective brings a new understanding. It broadens your view and, symbolically speaking, lets you discover new territories.

The Illumination Flame sends a signal to all creation and it tells the universe that a child of the Source wants to awaken, explore life from the heart.

When using the Illumination Flame, you emit a love frequency that seeks a person who wants to explore and awaken. All consciousness in the creation feel this impulse. According to the present moment and your stage of evolution, an energy consciousness picks up your call and your intention. It will then come to inspire you. This energy-consciousness can be an angel, a guide, your Higher Self, Mother Earth, the Source, etc. Be assured that the forthcoming inspiration will be appropriate. The universe knows you and it is pure intelligence; the Flame will work on you. It is possible that you will not feel anything, but that’s not important. Be assured that the understanding, the answer is about to make its way from the response region of the universe to your individual intuitive region.

Here are some examples where the Illumination Flame can be used.

1. You can use it for your personal life, the subconscious, your past and your incarnations.

2. It is important to set an intention and to address this intention with the Illumination Flame. Imagine and feel the flame, very active, enveloping the whole situation. Feel the energies of understanding coming inside you. These energies bring you the clarity needed to face a situation, an emotion, a discomfort.

3. Imagine the Illumination Flame active around you all day because It lives in you and you are God’s intelligence in action making this truth and this energy grow inside you.

4. Before starting your work, a meeting, take a few minutes to wrap yourself in the Illumination Flame; and feel its action and inspiration in everyone.

5. Use the Illumination Flame to envelop government leaders so that divine decisions can be made.

With all my love, I am Lord Lanto

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April Message from Adama

Dear Friends,  The Lemurian Connection’s theme for this year is 
” The Year of Self Expression~Finding the Voice Within”
…Adama’s message below is another reminder of trusting and knowing that our inner voice wants to be heard. Our inner voice, the core being of who we are, is becoming more present as we open and expand our view of the Life.  Blessings to each of you on your journey!



Channeled by Denise Laberge
Telos Worldwide Foundation
Montreal, Canada

Adama 72 dpi







I Am Adama,

Every one of you reading this message is enveloped and supported by my Loving heart. This message is charged with the energy of our hearts here in Telos as well with the energy of your own hearts.

Your heart speaks to you constantly and you are learning to listen to it. I invite you to anchor firmly in yourself the certainty, the belief that you are divinely guided towards your true heart. Your heart now wants to be heard. In several of your past lives, your heart was only a whisper, just audible enough to make you notice your difference with your brothers and sisters of the Earth. Well, that heart is now screaming! It is shouting its thirst for freedom, its thirst for happiness, for joy. It is talking about another way of life; it is talking to you about your own way to live your life.

Dear pioneers of the Christ Love, I invite you to acknowledge the great shifts in consciousness occurring within you. These heart impulses are prompting you to make changes; changes in attitudes, in beliefs, in habits. Stop denying what you deeply feel. These emotions, these feelings are talking about yourself, about your aspirations. An harmonization is currently developing, where your true Being will live from the heart in the energies of the new Earth. Your own energy grids are getting nearer and nearer to the ones of the 5th dimension, to eventually merge together. So the energies of the 5th dimension are coming towards you to help each of you recognize who you are.

In order to facilitate the harmonization of the Light energies, I invite you to trust the intelligence and the Love of the Great Life. I invite you to live this trust, to explore it and amplify it in your life, especially when the events occurring seem devoid of any sense. Trust in life, trust in the Source, trust in the Universe: choose the expression that makes your heart vibrate. It is trust that opens the large door of the 5th dimensional energies. So every night, take the time to review the events of your day to see their perfection and their guidance. This simple exercise will help you to further develop your trust in life. You will learn to recognize the all-powerful Love of your Divine Being, doing everything in its power to help you understand the laws of life that come to you, always with great precision and accuracy.

Knights of the Light, take refuge in this trust and do not let anything sway you away from the pathway of light on which you are walking. Know that with every step you take on this path, you are helping to transform this world which is in the grip of the illusion of separation. The fear vibration is incompatible with the vibration of your real and divine heart. As long as you accept fear in your life, without realizing it, you raise an impenetrable wall between your consciousness and your heart. Any fear vibration keeps you in separation.

Dear brave ones, choose to work with the Life, to open yourselves so that you can transform every fear in pure joy and freedom and to finally live the true Life.

I Am Adama, the one who knows you. May the enthusiasm of victory carry you forever!

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March Message from Adama

 Channeled by Denise Laberge
Telos Worldwide Foundation
Montreal, Canada


Adama 72 dpi







I Am Adama, your brother forever


The month of March means the arrival of spring. This new cycle starts with an explosion of nature all around you. The birds sings, the trees adorn themselves with their beautiful green foliage; life manifests itself with its colors, its light, its softness after the long winter. It is a rebirth.
Dear children of the Light, know that this cycle does not exist only outside of you. Everything is connected and you are an integral part of this rebirth. This year, associate yourself with this great movement surrounding you. See yourself as a plant or a tree awakening with this life energy. Every morning, during this resurrection period, take the time to feel the spring energy flowing into your feet, your chakras, your skin, in all that you are. Feel that this intelligent energy is nourishing you from within. Feel that the divinity in you perceives and welcomes this energy. You do not know the project details but for the first time in your multiple lives, you choose to take advantage of the intelligence and wisdom of the Great Life. You choose to trust it and finally let it support your awakening.
You are not separated from the great resurrection movement of nature, my dear children. Until now, you have always been satisfied to admire the power and the strength of nature around you. Today I invite you to see and feel that you are part of this movement. You’re not separated from it. You can associate yourself with that power and use it for your own transformation.
I invite you to think, believe and feel that everything is interconnected, that this very powerful nature is at your service just as it is at the service of all living beings in this dimension. Say yes to the reunion of the hearts, of your heart with the great life movement. Stop seeing nature as a space outside yourself from which you are separated. You are the nature, you are part of it. I invite you to accept this concept and finally enjoy the magic and the love from this nature.
Nature invites you, in fact she implores you, with love and infinite tenderness, to welcome her in your hearts, in your life. United in this movement, everything becomes possible for you.



I Am Adama, conscious of the eternal spring


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February Message from Adama

Channeled by Denise Laberge
Telos Worldwide Foundation
Montreal, Canada


Adama 72 dpiI Am Adama, the one who observes:

I invite you dear children to become observers, to become conscious observers of your thoughts, your emotions, your actions and your words. I invite you to the greatest adventure of your life without you realizing it fully. Being an observer means to be the one who watches and sees. You may say that it is an almost impossible task. I promise you that it is possible and easy. Just take it as a game and, to make it more interesting, just make the rules yourself. Here is an example of a rule: this morning, during the work group meeting, I will watch my inner language; when riding the bus today, I will examine the thoughts running through my mind. You see, it is to downplay the drama and to just have fun: the fun to discover yourself, the fun to discover your behavior throughout the day. I invite you to see all this as a self-discovery exercise, as a great game that will take you, little by little, one small step at a time, towards the discovery of yourself, of these energies or consciousness that inhabit and manipulate you. We are talking about manipulation, manipulation on your part against yourself, manipulation by your mind against your heart, against this Being that you really are inside.

My dear children, the first step towards your true freedom is the step you take in daring to stop and daring to listen, feeling all that you impose to yourself that does not come from you, from your true, kind and loving Being, who is not even allowed to have its own thoughts. Your true nature is love, respect and sharing. Are these the values your thoughts, your actions and your words convey all the time?

My dear children, do you realize how you are living under the influence of beliefs and limitations imposed by the 3D and by the density? The first step to take in order to move towards the consciousness of the new Earth is to learn living your life according to the core beliefs of your heart.

Who are you, who are you really? Do you know? If you wish to answer this question, you simply have to choose living your life according to your heart, according to what you feel is true and important to you.

Dear Children of the Earth, I invite you to the greatest adventure of your life. It begins softly, discreetly, one thought at a time, one emotion at a time. With love, we support you by enveloping you with the energy of our liberated hearts. 

I Am Adama, the eternal observer –

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October Channeled Message from Adama

Adama 72 dpi
Channeled by Denise Laberge of Montreal
Telos-World Wide Foundation


Children of the Earth, of this dimension, of the eternal Light, I am your brother Adama. You know my name and my heart because in this universe, we all belong to the One Heart. I invite you to go into this Heart of yours, to feel its beat, to feel the life that is running through you. This Heart inside you my friends, knows you intimately. It carries the signature of all your experiences, all your identities and all your dreams. So I, your brother standing before you, ask you this question: “Do you know why you have incarnated in this life? Do you really know it? Are you really living it?” A heart living its passion is joyful and it spreads enthusiasm and life all around. I will ask you another question: “Do you feel this joyful heart inside you, do you feel that you are spreading waves of love from this joy living inside you?” If your answer is yes to these questions then you are already living your passion, you are letting the inner voice and the song in your Heart guide you through life. You are realizing the purpose of your life. You are living it because you feel within you what you have to do, what brings you joy.
However, you may ask yourself the question: “Am I really living this passion, is this joy alive in me?” and perhaps you do not know yet. Do you realize that 99.9% of humanity does not live its passion? Most humans live by the popular beliefs of the third dimension, beliefs that have been implanted in this dimension by force, manipulation and control. And you, who are you? You are the gems, the diamonds that came to shine the Light of your heart in this density. Are you really doing this my children? That is the question!

So I ask you: are you ready to learn to live according to your Heart, to listen to the sound of your inner voice, to your intuition? Are you ready to admit that you are the absolute master of your life and that you alone hold the key to your true life, the one that allows you to explore the great joy of your heart? For most of you now, these are just words.

As of now, I invite you to welcome the Resurrection Light which is searching for kind hearts, which is looking for a nest of love and hospitality in the heart of man. The Resurrection energies are presently pouring on all mankind, on the whole planet, not only on the human race but also on all the kingdoms that inhabit this Earth.

Are you ready to learn to live differently, to live according to what you feel inside of you and not by the cultural norm to which you belong, not by the collective consciousness standard? We need pure and brave hearts who remember that life is easy, that it can be magical, that it is perfection in itself and that you belong to that perfection. We are looking for brave hearts who are not afraid to live differently, to live against the grain of popular belief. We are looking for brave hearts who are not afraid to show their colour, the colour of the love that lives within them. We are looking for your Hearts my dear children. Do you accept and welcome this new energy that is coming towards you? Do you consider yourself as the Sacred Cup ready to receive the Resurrection energy? Do you consider yourself worthy of this honour, worthy of the great life that comes to resurrect you?

I invite you to answer YES to these questions because you are worthy, the great life already exists within you and you are the tool for the resurrection of Consciousness in this world. You are all of this, each of you, in your own special way. You only have to welcome it, to accept it deep within yourself. Every time you say yes to this invitation, every time you acknowledge yourself to be of the Light lineage; you allow this light to grow in you, to participate in your transformation from the inside. It’s so simple and yet it requires courage and determination. It requires trust in the great plan. It requires acceptance that it is the great consciousness that lives within you and uses each of you to bring more love into this dimension, each in your own way with everything that you are. It’s all about consciousness my children, understanding, wider perspective, acceptance; saying yes to the miracle, the unlimited, the freedom, the infinite. All this is possible for each of you in this life, now, with all that you are now.

Listen! Listen to this Heart inside you! Everything becomes easy when it is done from the Heart, from the love within you. Nobody asks you to reinvent the wheel. The only thing you need to reinvent is yourself, the way you look at yourself and live; to reinvent your life so that you associate yourself with the power and the force of the great Life in action on this Earth now.

Every time you take a step toward yourself, toward your Heart, you shake all humanity; all the hearts of humanity feel it. This Heart inside you is the unfolding of the consciousness One, the Source within you. Will you dare accept it and believe it? That is the question of the moment. Do you really accept it in your heart? I invite you to appreciate this consciousness, this life within you because it is the Consciousness, the Great Life One of all creation. Nothing can separate you from that consciousness. Nothing can separate you from the Great Life. You are part of it. So the more you welcome this truth in yourself, the more it will grow in you and the more you will marvel at the magic of this power living inside you.

This is my invitation to you. I invite you to walk toward yourself, to grow with yourself, to feel the magic of this dimension because it is really transforming itself thanks to your work and the work of millions of others on Earth.

I encourage you to install the energies of the 5th dimension in your house, your apartment, your office. I invite you to create a paradise of Light and Love wherever you are, wherever you work. I invite you to create a new world with all the beings of the dimensions of Light who accompany you. With these words, breathe the energies of the 5th dimension, breathe the energies of your transformation, breathe the energies of eternity that touch your heart and your consciousness.

I am Adama, the one who dared to speak to your Heart in order to open its great door of enlightenment.

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January Message 2014

Channeled by Jennie Philipponnat




Master Kuthumi,

Beloved Hearts,

I have come before you today, bringing forth for you this very special opportunity to enfold with the Golden consciousness in Light. In doing so, beloveds, know that your homecoming is True. The awakening that you are preparing is a merging with the Self as the state of consciousness that you originally Are. 

The energies at the end of January and beginning of February with-hold the Flame of the restoration of the DNA-codes of the Truth that you are. With the purification of the Ascension flame and the holiness of the Golden flame, you now have the possibility to completely reconstruct your spine, just simply by leaving your story, as is has been, as a human upon the earth. Know my Love, that the true ending of the whole incarnation cycle is here. There is nothing to hold on to anymore, there is nothing to be taken with when arising in consciousness. 

The Ascension flame together with the Golden flame create space for you in your spine. And within that space, the breath of God can be taken. It is reawakening within, building up a new momentum of light in Truth. This will affect all of the physical organs of the body that you are shining through and will start changing the whole of your chakra system very rapidly. At the same time, it creates a tremendous freedom within your heart, freedom from the restricted mind, freedom from the prison of feelings, which are no-longer necessary to with-hold within. 

We, the Ascended masters call this the re-birth WITHIN, and we ask you to contemplate the meaning of this wonderful tools, now spoken, written to you in words that your true Heart can understand. 

May you be embraced with the most wonderful frequency of liberation in Love!
May you soon be free from all that you are not!
May the gate to your innermost being be found, for it is right here, right now, where you are!

Allow these frequencies of grace be showered upon you at each moment as the Mother Earth is rejoicing Life within Her form!

I am Kuthumi, the Love for Life.

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December Message

December message from the Ascended Masters
Channeled by Jennie Philapponnat of Telos Finland


The Fire of Truth


Beloved Child of God,
Let me embrace you in my Everlasting Light. Let me evoke within you the most precious of desires to come, through the Gate of Love into the everlasting and glorious Being that You Are.

Come infront of my feet with only one desire, to burn in the fire of Truth, to purify all there is that you have been accustomed to as you. When this fire, the fire of Truth passes throughout your body and energyfield, it takes away all the dualistic way of thinking, all emotions and actions, all that is no longer desired within your heart. It purifies you and vanishes all that is of no importance to who You really are. And then, my Beloved Child, you are free, free to finally discover the reality that is yours to Be.

Enter into my Arms and let the Grace of Life touch every cell of your body. Be silent and hear the whispering song of your homecoming that runs within your very being and enlightens the inner body of yours. Let this transformation happen freely, without resistance, without control of any kind and trust in the process of Life unfolding infront of your very Eyes. Touch the infinite wisdom that is the base of all Truth, and Be one with This, for It is already here, in you, around you, everywhere and has always been.

Beloved, how can there be anything else than Love in You? How could there be wanted anything else than Love that is You? Trust this and enter fully into the preciousness of your Being.

Let Life unfold into the very source of You, into the True heart of Yours, the untouched, the unseen. Trust and let go.

This is your chance.
The moment is now.
I welcome you in.

 I Am Presence.

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Spring Messages 1

Channeling through Denise Laberge – April 2013 

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