Welcome to The Lemurian Connection!

The Lemurian Connection web site has been created to act as a focal point bringing together individuals from around the world who have a common interest in sharing information received from Telos and the Lemurian teachings, from Adama, the High Priest of Telos and the Ascended Masters.  Coming together as Light workers from one aspect of “the Tree of Truth”, it is a great time to be alive, thrive and move forward toward an understanding of Ascension and the varying degrees of transformation, the knowing that we are ALL ONE.

The Lemurian Connection has no affiliation to any religion or sect, though one could say it is “spiritual” in nature, reflecting on higher dimensional thought. Our aim is to help each other in opening our collective creative consciousness, creating a world which enables us to live in peace and harmony, with a better understanding and perspective of  the human fraternity. We strive for universal love and unity, regrouping all races and all nations into one big family in the heart of peace. The Lemurian Heart, the Heart-One-Heart, is rapidly awakening many on the planet, our Beloved Mother Earth.


Exploring the Connections

This web site is meant to be an international hub… a starting point to connect you to other web sites and resources that will assist you in your journey in the discovery of new ways of thinking.

General information on Telos, Lemuria and its teachings can be found on this site. You’ll discover a history about Lemuria, Telos the subterranean City of Light beneath Mount Shasta, Adama and Aurelia Louise Jones, author of the Telos Books and The Seven Sacred Flames.  You can then branch out to linked sites for additional resources in your area and/or field of interest.

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Adama painting by artist Glenda Green

Heart in Logo by artist Dr. Alan Walden