New Year Thoughts 2021


Taken from MSLPublishing and The Lemurian Connnection New Year Newsletter

Greetings from Mount Shasta,

We have reached the precipice for the incoming New Year, 2021! No doubt with hopefulness and resolution for a healthier Planet, a healthier world at every level, and holding the vision for divine principles to merge and integrate ever so sweetly into our own beingness.

We have had the opportunity these many months to explore a myriad of feelings that have brought each of us to where we are today. As we ponder our Covid -19 reality we can assess our actions and reactions, and perhaps evaluate the relationship of our heart-centered thoughts with our actual daily reality.

Regardless of our points of view, throughout the seeming chaos, whether it be our government, politics, masks, viruses, fires, or floods, to name a few, we can remind ourselves there is an inner core of truth within each of us that will prevail. It is what we are made of. It is what connects each of us to each other; it is that golden tapestry of Love.

Living Love and the divine union of Self are the teachings The Telos Books and The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia Louise Jones are constantly reminding us of. Our brothers and sisters from Telos and each of the ascended masters offer nuggets of wisdom to assist us on this journey back to the Self. Our study this lifetime is to figure out how to live that moving forward. We have so much to aspire to as we move into the New Year, 2021. Each one of us is a pillar of light. We can extend this light effortlessly, simply by being our genuine selves, living kindness, living Love.

Many of you have shared how grateful you are for the books and the profound heart openings you are experiencing. May the new year bring you continued grace, moment to moment, realizing self-reflection will transform your world inside and out as you move forward.

Blessings to All of us and to our Beloved Planet and all her kingdoms. May we all flourish with our dreams and inspirations and may the Light of Love open our hearts to the greatest extent imaginable.

Wishing you a magnificent and magical year ahead!

Live Love!

Mount Shasta Light Publishing and The Lemurian Connection



With joy and gratitude, start creating and living your life in the now moment!
Open yourself wide to receive the desires of your heart.
(Taken from The Telos Card Series)


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