Autumn News Notes






Greetings from Mount Shasta!

Fall is such a beautiful time of year…one of the wonders of change right before our eyes, emersing our senses in the magic and mystical alchemy of earth’s evolution. The colors of the trees have been breathtaking after the rains, glistening in the glow of sunlight. We are blessed!

Imagine the colors within ourselves, glistening and glowing, in the next phases of our own evolution. Radiating more of our uniqueness on this magnificent journey we call Life.

Create our next season with visions of harmonious outcomes…bountiful and plentiful in all aspects.

Live from the inside out and honor our every step into the miraculous Unknown…

In Joy!


The changing of the seasons brings to mind one of the attributes of God, the Resurrection Flame, it’s golden and purple colors, and it’s “life-giving and life-enhancing energies.” …”now that you all have evolved yourself to a greater understanding, it is time for all of you to start using this for yourself…There are so many tools at your disposal you could use to ease your life, to accelerate your transformation and your evolutionary path. You simply need to be aware of them…”The Resurrection Flame is an energy you can easily use for your benefit by focusing on it, invoking it, and starting to play with it. Be creative!” Adama, Telos Vol. 3, Chapter16.



October Channeled Message from Adama
Channeled by Denise Laberge,
Telos-World Wide Foundation

Children of the Earth, of this dimension, of the eternal Light, I am your brother Adama. You know my name and my heart because in this universe, we all belong to the One Heart.

I invite you to go into this Heart of yours, to feel its beat, to feel the life that is running through you. This Heart inside you my friends, knows you intimately. It carries the signature of all your experiences, all your identities and all your dreams. So I, your brother standing before you, ask you this question: “Do you know why you have incarnated in this life? Do you really know it? Are you really living it?” A heart living its passion is joyful and it spreads enthusiasm and life all around. I will ask you another question: “Do you feel this joyful heart inside you, do you feel that you are spreading waves of love from this joy living inside you?” If your answer is yes to these questions then you are already living your passion, you are letting the inner voice and the song in your Heart guide you through life. You are realizing the purpose of your life. You are living it because you feel within you what you have to do, what brings you joy.
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2014 Spring & Summer Journeys
We had a wonderful Spring and Summer in Mount Shasta sharing the Mount Shasta Initiatic Journeys with many from around the world. It was heart-warming to meet more of our Lemurian Family and experience the Heart-One-Heart connections while in the energies of the mountain. It was a “Cosmic Appointment” and we all showed up!  Love and Gratitude to All that came and to All that support us from all directions.
We invite you to check The Lemurian Connection for more information about Initiatic Journeys in 2015. You can also email us or call
530-926-4599. Join us next Spring or Summer 2015! Connect with the Heart of Lemuria!

Study Groups and Ascension Ceremonies
To all of you that are creating study groups and ascension ceremonies remember study group leaders receive a 20% discount on The Telos Book Series, The Seven Sacred Flames and the Prayer Booklet and the Ascension Booklet, by Aurelia Louise Jones. Orders must be placed by phone or email to Mount Shasta Light Publishing, 530-926-4599 or If you are interested in listing with Study Groups/Ascension Ceremonies on Telos-USA website contact


We support you in all that you are doing to create a space for the opening and reawakening of the Lemurian Heart, living in the fullness of Christ Consciousness NOW!…


***Keep in Mind…the Holidays are fast approaching. The new TELOS Meditations CD is a great gift. And don’t forget you receive a $10 savings when you purchase the The Telos Book Package or The Seven Sacred Flames Package (including Prayer Booklet and Ascension Booklet (also in Spanish).

Wishing you Awesome Autumn days,
The Lemurian Connection Team