Aurelia Louise Jones…Heartfelt Gratitude


Aurelia-Book-cover-reduced 2Aurelia Louise Jones

Aurelia Channeling-2008



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We celebrate this month honoring Aurelia
and the beautiful messages she brought forth from Adama and the Ascended Masters
in her amazing books, TELOS, VOL. 1, 2 and 3, as well as THE SEVEN SACRED FLAMES.
The Lemurian messages from TELOS inspire us to awaken to our own divinity, find our voice of Truth
recognize that living in full transparency as an authentic Human Being is not only possible,
it is who and what we are!

Thank you to all of you who have sent your blessings of gratitude in celebration of Aurelia’s books and her mission, as well as  the wonderful Initiatic Journeys  she created in Mount Shasta, CA, to assist all of us in our journey back to ourselves, feeling the love and support from Adama, all of Telos and the Ascended Masters…knowing that one day we will reconnect with all of our brothers and sisters and All Life as we understand and live more fully  in an ascended state of Beingness. 

One of the participants in an Initiatic Journey 2008 wrote the following:

I first met Aurelia at an Initiatic Journey week in the summer of 2008 and have been constantly using the Seven Sacred Flames readings since then.  They have been so important to my path, and I am so grateful to have met Aurelia and through her, to have gained access to all the Ascended Masters.

I celebrate her life and achievements today.  I know she is in unity with the Fifth Estate and I look forward to seeing her again someday soon.



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